Yosemite, October 12 2015 - Mark Rafferty
Climbing Joshua Tree 2015

Once I left Vedauwoo I felt sad. Leaving my friends once again for who knows how long is gonna be tough. It really makes me wish Brandon was coming along, but it's all okay. Everyone has thier own set path. In the past week of spending my time by the Wyoming campus a lot of people came to see the van and always stated "I wish I could do that." That phrase makes me sympathize for them. Knowing that they are going to have that regret of not living thier life to the full. That sucks. Biggest message I try to send everyone is to follow your passions no matter what because our time spent here is like a blink of an eye.

Following my passions I couldn't be happier. Yes it's scary traveling alone to places you've never been before but that's what makes it exciting. The reason people watch scary movies really isn't for the acting, it's to get a good scare! Being scared is one thing , being afraid is another. Once I came into Yosemite Valley so many different emotions ran through me. I was overwhelmed with excitement but also scared shit less of the big walls I'm about to dive into. Once you see El Capitan in person your immediately in awe with its colossal size and beauty. I wish I could have been there at camp 4 when Royal Robbins and Warren Harding battles for the first ascent of this rock. Truly amazing. Driving through the valley I'm getting a feel for the area. Looking around the shops, campsites, trails, and specifically free places to park. As I'm laying down in the meadow just below El Cap I get a text from a friend of mine, Dakota Snider, I just recently got in touch with over Instagram. He works and lives her in the valley and has been for the past 7 months. Once he was off work we headed up to where the locals call "The Couch." The couch is a small ledge at the base of Glacier Point that sits just high enough to overlook the valley with a direct look at Half Dome. Meeting a few of Dakota's friends and settling in have me a good feeling about staying in the valley. Having aomeone who is local to show you around cuts out all the unnecessary sites and hikes that people normally do. Instead you get the best views, local hangouts, and the best climbs. Here's to a week if not more in Yosemite!