"THECABN" on the Road, September 10 2015 - Mark Rafferty
Climbing Joshua Tree 2015

We set off today around 7 towards the Tetons. Coming over the pass on to our first sites of the Grand Teton got Connor, Jake, and I pumped for this next week. Being here last winter I never looked at this area the way I do now. As climbers seeing these incredible ranges and formations makes you appreciate the landscape just that much more. Every mountain you bestow your eyes upon, your instantly imagining yourself on the faces of these walls on some of the best routes in the world. So you can imagine what was going through all our heads. Anticipating what we should do next we headed towards Jackson. Heading straight downtown we ended up in the Teton Mountaineering store to pick up the Teton guide book, but is guys being gear heads we come out with a few extra things. With our Goal Zero generator running low and lack of sun to power the solar panels we were in search for any outlet we could find. Parked outside the Jackson Hole Welcome Center we are fully equipped for bed with a 50 foot extension cord out the driver Windsor charging the generator, with signs all over saying "No Overnight Parking." Until we either get kicked out or wake up in the se spot well head to the nearest hotel for some continental breakfast.