Sitting Waiting Learning, December 15 2015 - Mark Rafferty
Climbing Joshua Tree 2015

Being home has its perks, but is also draining my energy. Sitting in my living room researching and learning many skills that I’ll soon need to develop as soon as I am able, is good for me. Taking the time to slow down and look upon my skills that I’ve developed over the past year with my photography and athleticism is going to help me grow and strive to become better when I’m able. Being that I’ve never taken a photography class, I’m learning new skills based on other pro photographers. Seeing the types of photos they have the opportunity to capture, looking at the vantage points of the subject, and seeing the different styles is helping look at the scene or subjects of my images differently. Pro photographers such as Chris Burkard, Jimmy Chin, Mikey Schaefer, and Tim Kemple are all photographers I admire. I believe outdoor athletes cherish their photos more than others because of how much time and skill is put into each photo. The process in getting those killer shots is honestly a pain in the ass. Being able to safely gain access to remote destinations in some of the most dangerous environments on the planet,so they can capture that moment people live and die for is incredible. To many people they don’t understand why. Why do it?

The question that always gets asked. Some won’t have an answer and some will simply state, “Because I have to do it.” Its the feeling of conquering your fears, reaching for your dream, being taught something new, and to be thoughtless. For myself having absolutely nothing on your mind and to just be present in a moment is my favorite feeling. Its a feeling that not many people get to experience. To show others the joy and freedom you receive from doing these sports is what makes Chris, Jimmy, Mikey, and Tim such amazing artists. It’s what I hope to achieve with my photography as well. Being home learning new skills and gaining inspiration from others does eat up a chunk of my time. However it makes me wish I was out taking these new skills and testing them in the mountains. Thinking of just that is draining. It keeps me up thinking about where I’d be now if I didn’t fall. What peak I’d conquer, where I would call home for a few weeks, and what sort of people I would meet along the way. Its a depressing mindset that eats up your energy and steers you away from a progressive attitude. It’s a mindset that can really screw you up. By going on a drive and parking the car in the place where it all started, the Needles of Mt. Rushmore. I look at these granite peaks and remember the summit moments. Not the climb, not the rating, not the process, but simply the moment of silence on top of each formation. Being present in the moment and seeing a view that very few people have experienced. I become peaceful. Which is crazy to think about because I’m in a car but it works! In just 8 more days I’ll get my cast off and be able to get out and enjoy the hills. Granted I won’t be able to climb or ski but I’m sure I can find a few ways to get around. In the next couple months I'll be ordering prints and will be setting up a separate page so people can order stills. Coming in both wood and paper prints! If you are considering purchasing you can contact me on my social media sites along with the contact tab on this site. Happy Holidays!