Final Days, August 26 2015 - Mark Rafferty
Climbing Joshua Tree 2015

I've been finishing up the van as fast as possible so that Jacob Mader and I can get on the road. We are aiming to leave September 1st, but there is a new slackline park being made in remembrance of Nehemiah. The owner of Slackline Industries will be here on the 6th, along with news stations and family to begin the slackline park. So depending on the weather we will see when we will be taking off. The idea is to haul ass to Canada and climb in the Bugaboos hoping for a decent weather window. Haven't looked much into other climbing in that area so we are always open for new ideas. We then plan to work our way towards the west coast where we will settle into Squamish. Meeting up with Blurr (one of our sponsors) to meet the crew and share our love.