Deja Vu in Wyoming - Mark Rafferty
Climbing Joshua Tree 2015

Well off to Wyoming once again but this time setting home in Laramie! Left yesterday October 1 around 8:00 and rolled in around 1:30. First thing was that I picked up my friends, Will and Brandon who are both college students, and they basically showed me the campus. Besides Vedauwoo the main reason is to get a free look and experience the college. Walking into building to building I kept thinking how lucky I am. To be able to go anywhere, anytime I wanted. It feels good. When others say that they wish they could do that I get a little frustrated, because if u wanted it so bad why not do it? I don't know maybe it's harder for others.

Last night in Walmart parking lot via camp spot I struggled so bad. I just bought a bike rack and was trying to figure it out after about 45 min trying to fit it into the hitch I realized I probly need to have an extended hitch. So once the extended hitch was on it was a piece of cake. Still took me another 30 min after that but that's ok! So it's now 2:44 AM on October 2 and I'm finally in bed. Can't wait to see what crazy stuff happens this weekend.