Crossing Fingers, October 30 2015 - Mark Rafferty
Climbing Joshua Tree 2015

The time here in Yosemite has gone by super fast! Feeling like I've only been here a week, looking at he calendar saying that I've been here for two and am planning to stay another two more weeks. I keep extending my stay here in the valley week by week, however there is bad weather coming in next week. That may or may not be the last of Yosemite but we shall see. Today was basically day two of big wall training with our sensei, Jacob Fishman. Today basically consisted of hauling techniques, lowering out, and timing how fast we can aid. Learning the cycles of leading, following, and hauling was super cool to me. I love learning and seeing it in action. Instead of a haul bag Tyler Meester and I used Jacob's girlfriend, Kellie, as a "haulbag". Yes it looked weird. At the end of the day we get back to the van and starting to rack up and get set off for our "pre game" big wall climb.

Tomorrow we are heading up to the Washington Column climbing the South Face route going at 5.8 C1. Which means that the mandatory free climbing you have to do is set at 5.8. However if you can climb harder then you only have to aid a few pitches. Which is what we plan on doing to make it faster. If everything runs smoothly then once we decent from the route we will then take a rest day and climb The Nose up El Capitan! Although we have to be cautious about the weather. Out weather window isn't looking too good for The Nose. Later in the week there plans to be a big temp drop with a large percentage of precipitation. Which could ultimately mean snow. So hopefully the weather will clear up just enough so we can continue and climb El Capitan. However the weather these next few days should be perfect. The plan is to wake up around 6:30 organize and finalize out gear and head out. If you know me, then you know that I'm not a morning person so we will see if I can force myself to wake up. It doesn't help that too stoked on this new experience in about to dive into!